Friends of Shipe Park is a group of neighborhood volunteers who are dedicated to keeping Shipe Park wonderful and beautiful. We create opportunities for neighbors to work side-by-side for the benefit of the park and so that the features of the park – the trees, the field, the pools, and the playground – will continue to be places where people can play together, find moments of solitude and peace, or visit with their neighbors.

There have doubtless been other groups of neighbors in the past who made sustained efforts that have benefited the park. Our group formed in 2008 to build upon the legacy of those previous efforts.

The annual events that shape our community service efforts at Shipe Park include It’s My Park Day each spring and the Shipe Pool Opening Party in the summertime. We also have made several special efforts to beautify the park including the Shipe Park Mosaic Mural Project which is currently building a large-scale glass mosaic mural on the pool pump house wall.

We are eager for friends and neighbors who love Shipe to join us in our mission to keep Shipe Park beautiful and build a stronger sense of community through this wonderful community resource!

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