Shipe Pool Will Not Open in 2019


The old Shipe Pool filled and ready for the 2016 summer season.

City of Austin Parks and Recreation reported that further construction delays will result in the loss of the 2019 pool season at Shipe Pool. Interum PARD Director Liana Kallivoka shared the following Shipe Pool construction update with City Council on Aug 12, 2019:

Shipe Pool is tentatively scheduled for completion in September 2019, and at this time, the pool is not expected to open this season. The Aquatic team will consider opening the pool earlier for the 2020 swim season, contingent upon having adequate lifeguard staff available.

The full text of Dr. Kallivoka’s memo is here.

Friends of Shipe Park will continue to advocate for a successful completion of the pool construction project and the other related construction efforts:  the log cabin renovations, swing relocation, improvements in the area where the kiddie pool used to be, and a a restoration of the field and landscape all around the park. We’re all eager to see these projects done so we can benefit from the new infrastructure at Shipe and get this beloved space back.

Losing access to our neighborhood pool and park for this construction period has heightened our awareness of the great value of parks to our sense of community. We are looking forward to the gatherings of friends and neighbors we will have at Shipe Park again soon. From casual play dates with our young children to grand community parties – Shipe Park is where we feel like a genuine neighborhood.

We will share more soon as plans unfold for a Halloween movie night in the field, It’s My Park Day in the springtime, and the next Shipe Pool Party in 2020!

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