Shipe Pool Update – Another Delay … But Also Some Good News

First the bad news: on June 13th representatives of the City informed the Friends of Shipe Park that Shipe Pool’s projected opening date has been delay once again. The opening date is now projected to be mid-August (a month later than the last projection.) The reasons given for this latest delay are 1) the late delivery of the glazed tile to be used in the interior of the bathhouse, 2) the plaster for the pool’s surface is a new longer-lasting material, but it will take longer to cure (dry); and 3) contractor delays (some weather related and some that, after a good start, the contractor’s work has slowed down considerably.) The substantial completion date is now July 30th . “Substantial completion” must be reached before the work can pass inspection and allow the City of Austin Aquatic Division to prepare for the use of the new pool facility including on-site life guard training, other safety procedures, and fine tuning of the facilities.

Now the good news: assuming no further delays, the Shipe Pool swim season will be extended, running from mid-August through September 28th. Weekday hours are currently scheduled for 4-8 p.m. and weekends from noon to 7:00 p.m. [Note: thanks to Council Member Kathie Tovo for working with PARD to arrange these extended swim days.]

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