Shipe Park Update


Work on Shipe Park improvement projects officially began on October 8th when the City of Austin approved the Notice to Proceed the swimming pool contractor.

Projects already done or currently under way include:

  • Construction fencing was erected around much of the park south of Waller Creek. The reason for this is that the construction contractor needs much of this area for staging materials, equipment, and a temporary trailer. Park amenities still accessible include the kids’ playscape, the basketball court, and the tennis courts.
  • The City Arts in Public Places program carefully wrapped the Shipe Pool mural with a protective (mastic) covering. The mural will be preserved to become part of the new pool.
  • PARD has provided Porta-potties near 44thand Avenue F for park users for the period of time when the bathrooms in the Log Cabin are inaccessible.
  • James Nolan Construction has begun renovation of the Log Cabin, replacing the roof, replacing chinking and making other upgrades. This work is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.
  • The City of Austin Forestry department has completed much-needed work on the heritage oak next to the Log Cabin. This involved air spading the soil around the trunk to aerate the soil and lower the soil to the proper level for the tree’s root zone. Forestry also trimmed the trees by the Avenue F “construction entrance” to allow placement of the construction trailer on the gravel adjacent to the large swing set. In addition, it carefully lifted the low live oak branches that were touching the bottom of the wading pool. This will enable the contractor to proceed with demolition of the wading pool.
  • The City has begun work on a planned new sidewalk on the east side of Avenue G connecting 45thStreet to the entrance of the new pool.
  • Hyatt Construction has begun work on the new pool. The City of Austin’s projected completion date is June 15, 2019.

 Neighbors Contribute to Shipe Park Projects

Through mid-October 45 individuals, 2 foundations, 2 restaurants, HPNA, and the Hyde Park Baptist Church had contributed over $35,000 to match a $50,000 grant from the Austin Parks Foundation. This will fund the renovation of the Log Cabin and new amenities in the old wading pool area. To contribute to this community effort to invest in our park, go to:

For continuing updates and more information go to:



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