Shipe Park Improvements Coming Soon!


There is some short term bad news at Shipe Park: because of the critical problems with the pool pump, plumbing, and active leaks in the pool system (the city estimates it would cost $100,000 to repair the systems at Shipe in order to operate the pools this summer), Shipe pools will not be opened this summer season. Although that is disappointing, there are a number of substantial improvement projects in the works that will be a benefit to our neighborhood going forward.

It’s important to note that the improvement projects at Shipe Park need your support and engagement. Caring for our public spaces is always a partnership between the city and the community – events like It’s My Park Day where neighborhood volunteers work together with city staff to further improvement efforts are a testament to the potential of such partnerships. This kind of broad involvement and support is required to maintain and improve what is wonderful about Shipe Park!

Will will also need substantial financial support from neighbors to make these projects possible. These fundraising efforts may take the form of matching challenges, events, and/or other fundraising efforts. Stay engaged and stay tuned as we continue to create the plan needed to make these projects a reality!

The key projects coming up include…

Summer 2017:

Ball Moss Removal: Ball moss will be removed from the ancient post oak trees. This is critical to ensure the continued health and life of our cherished legacy trees in the park!

Fall 2017:

Removal of a Substantial Dying Tree: The Post Oak that is just north of the log cabin and just west of the existing pool enclosure will be removed. Sadly, it has a disease that has rotted the core of the tree trunk, and it is in danger of falling.

New Pool Construction Begins: The city will demo the existing big pool and kiddie pool and begin site work to prepare for the installation of the new pools. View the details of the pool replacement project here.


Move Large Swings: The city will be moving the existing large swings (the ones north of the existing kiddie pool) because they are causing damage to the canopy of the established Post Oak tree nearby. A new swing set will be installed in the area currently inhabited by the kiddie pool.

Create New Picnic Area and Add Ping Pong Table: In the former large swing area, a new picnic area will be created. The area will be created with a base of mulch, and it will have new picnic tables, benches, and a permanent ping pong table!

Spring 2018: 

Log Cabin Renovation: Friends of Shipe Park and the City of Austin are seeking funding to repair the sagging roof of the historic log cabin and to do the needed re-chinking of the log cabin walls. As part of the new pool project, the bathrooms in the log cabin will be renovated and brought up to code. All of these efforts are critical to the long-term health of this historic structure.

June 2018:

New Shipe Pool Opens: The new and improved pools will be completed in time for the start of the summer 2018 pool season which usually begins soon after schools let out for Summer Break.

Shipe Pool Party: Our annual celebration of summertime at Shipe Park will resume with the new pools as the featured highlight. Specific date TBD.

2020: Replacement and Upgrade of Playscape Area: The city is planning to remove the exist playscape equipment, fencing, and ground cover material and replace them with updated resources. This will be part of a city-wide effort to upgrade aging park playgrounds.

Stay tuned on this website and on the Friends of Shipe Park FaceBook page to stay up-to-date on the city’s work, our park improvement projects, and fundraising efforts that will be critical to their success. Thank you for your love and care of Shipe Park, our cherished neighborhood park and community gathering place!

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