Shipe Park Thanks You!

From all of us at Friends of Shipe Park, thank you for coming to the 8th Annual Shipe Pool Party and making it such a fantastic summer community gathering! At the height of the event, we estimated 400 people in attendance which is pretty remarkable! It’s also a great representation of the way this community loves our shared public space.
IMG_3070.JPGFor many neighbors, Shipe Park is the center of our community, the place where our lives intersect with one another, the place our children grow up together. Our annual pool party is always a reminder of how these shared spaces are so critical to the sense of community we have in Central Austin!
So sorry that movie was an epic fail last night. The movie company had some equipment failure, and we had to cancel at that last minute. We do plan to reschedule a movie in the field for another night in the future so stay tuned for a new date.
We couldn’t pull this event off without the support of our sponsors:
And special thanks to the City of Austin Aquatics and Parks Department – their ongoing work keeps the park and park facilities a wonderful place for all of us! We are looking forward to a partnership with the city staff required to keep Shipe Park and Pools accessible, functional, and beautiful for all.
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