Update on Shipe Pool Closure

The below is from Kimberly McNeeley, Assistant Director for Austin Parks and Recreation Department. I’m posting this information at her request so you have a better sense of what is happening with Shipe Pool…

It is my understanding the information provided by the Department and the information provided by 311 is inconsistent.  I will work this morning to correct this situation.

Please know the following:

  • Shipe pool remains closed due to a chemical feeder pump repair and recently discovered pool leak
  • Shipe pool was open for a short period of time and experienced intermittent closures due to chemical imbalances
  • Through the period of intermittent closures, maintenance staff attempted to make short term repairs in an effort to keep the pool open.
  • It was discovered that the short-term repairs were short lived and the only option for eliminating frequent intermittent closures was to rebuild the pump
  • As of today, the pump is being rebuilt and the team has requested expedited service in the hopes of having the pump back today for installation
  • Due to the age of the mechanical system, in an effort to be proactive, the maintenance team will also install a second rebuilt pump to help maintain the appropriate chemical balance and avoid intermittent closures
  • During the pump rebuilding process, the maintenance team has also discovered a pool leak- causing the pool to lose up to 1 inch of water an hour- this is significant
  • The maintenance team further analyzed the situation by “diving” the pool and determined the leak is not associated with the shell of the pool but likely occurring within the pipe system buried below the deck
  • A permanent fix to this leak is estimated to require significant closure
  • The maintenance team is brainstorming options to allow the pool to remain open for the summer season while being sensitive to the environment and conservation issues associated with a leak

We will forward any further updates we get from the department as they come to us.
All the Best,
Adam Wilson
Friends of Shipe Park

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