Shipe Pool Mosaic Mural

I hope you have taken the opportunity to stop by the west-wall of the Shipe Pool pump house – if not, please stop by and check out the beautiful mosaic that many people helped create with the design and leadership of artists Pascal Simon and Holli Brown. They installed the first section of the mosaic a few weeks ago – and it is stunning.

We are currently working on elements of the next section of the mosaic which will be installed on the south wall inside the pool area. Neighbors who would like to help create this amazing, permanent art installation can come to our work day at the Griffin School at 710 East 41st Street this Sunday noon-3pm. Adults and children ten and over are welcome (younger children may come if they have experience with mosaic and adult supervision, but remember, we are working with cut glass).

Please RSVP to

What: Shipe Mosaic Volunteer Work Day
When: Sunday, July 24th, noon-3pm
Where: Griffin School, 710 East 41st Street

The next work day will be August 14th at the new Griffin School location in North Hyde Park – 5001 Evans Ave. Mark your calendars for that too!

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