Shipe Pool Party!


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Shipe Pools to Reopen on June 18th!

Wonderful news today from Kimberly McNeeley, Assistant Director, Austin Parks and Recreation Department:

“The mechanical issues at Shipe have been corrected.  While the leak has not been 100% fixed, the situation is manageable.  Therefore, the Aquatics Section intends to open Shipe Pool and Shipe Wading pool tomorrow, Wednesday, June 18th. 

 Please know we will need to keep a close eye on the water level situation, but believe the repairs made to date will allow for a successful season. 

 On behalf of the Department, thank you and the entire neighborhood for your patience.”

See you at the pool!

Adam Wilson, Friends of Shipe Park

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Update on Shipe Pool Closure

The below is from Kimberly McNeeley, Assistant Director for Austin Parks and Recreation Department. I’m posting this information at her request so you have a better sense of what is happening with Shipe Pool…

It is my understanding the information provided by the Department and the information provided by 311 is inconsistent.  I will work this morning to correct this situation.

Please know the following:

  • Shipe pool remains closed due to a chemical feeder pump repair and recently discovered pool leak
  • Shipe pool was open for a short period of time and experienced intermittent closures due to chemical imbalances
  • Through the period of intermittent closures, maintenance staff attempted to make short term repairs in an effort to keep the pool open.
  • It was discovered that the short-term repairs were short lived and the only option for eliminating frequent intermittent closures was to rebuild the pump
  • As of today, the pump is being rebuilt and the team has requested expedited service in the hopes of having the pump back today for installation
  • Due to the age of the mechanical system, in an effort to be proactive, the maintenance team will also install a second rebuilt pump to help maintain the appropriate chemical balance and avoid intermittent closures
  • During the pump rebuilding process, the maintenance team has also discovered a pool leak- causing the pool to lose up to 1 inch of water an hour- this is significant
  • The maintenance team further analyzed the situation by “diving” the pool and determined the leak is not associated with the shell of the pool but likely occurring within the pipe system buried below the deck
  • A permanent fix to this leak is estimated to require significant closure
  • The maintenance team is brainstorming options to allow the pool to remain open for the summer season while being sensitive to the environment and conservation issues associated with a leak

We will forward any further updates we get from the department as they come to us.
All the Best,
Adam Wilson
Friends of Shipe Park

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The Future of Shipe Pool

Shipe Pool Party 2013 Photo Credit: Deborah Eve Lewis

Shipe Pool Party 2013
Photo Credit: Deborah Eve Lewis

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department has opened up the public input process in the assessment it is doing on aquatics resources – pools and swimming programs.  It is critical that people who want to see Shipe Pool and other neighborhood pools remain open participate in this process by attending one of the public hearings next week and completing the online survey.

As many of you know the city does not have adequate funding in its budget to support the parks and pools it manages. For years, PARD has been considering closing older pools like Shipe. Two years ago, Shipe was on the suggested closure list – the plan was simply to leave the pool empty and padlock the gates year-round.

Our understanding is that older, smaller pools embedded in neighborhood could be closed in favor of new larger “aquatics centers” – that would be the trade-off. It is not reasonable to expect that the city will both maintain the existing pools AND open new facilities around town. Keep that in mind as you fill out the survey – please consider making keeping neighborhood pools open, maintained, and accessible the top priority for the city.

Online survey:

Open Public Input into the City of Austin Aquatic Assessment:

Northwest Austin Meeting and Open House
Aug. 19, 2013  Anderson High School Cafeteria
6:00-6:30pm  Open House
6:30-8:00pm  Public Meeting

Southwest Austin Meeting and Open House
Aug. 20, 2013  Bowie High School Cafeteria
6:00-6:30pm  Open House
6:30-8:00pm  Public Meeting

Northeast Austin Meeting and Open House
August 21, 2013  LBJ High School Cafeteria
6:00-6:30pm  Open House
6:30-8:00pm  Public Meeting

Southeast Austin Meeting and Open House
August 22, 2013  Dove Springs Recreational Center
6:00-6:30pm  Open House
6:30-8:00pm  Public Meeting

Thanks for taking time in this super busy time of year to make your voice heard in this process!

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Shipe Pool Party and Mosaic Mural Dedication

Saturday, June 29th, 7-11pm

Thousands and thousands of tiny bits of colorful cut glass have been laid carefully in place on the pump house wall at Shipe Pool. Together they form leaves and flowers, birds and bugs, and fantastic trees – a landscape filled with delightful surprises; a canopy of dreams. The Shipe Mosaic Mural is complete!

The mural is a beautiful and permanent expression of the community support for Shipe Park and Pool – hundreds of neighborhood volunteers helped create the mural at community work days held at Griffin School over the past three years. The formal dedication of the mural will be at the Fifth Annual Shipe Pool Party on Saturday June 29th at 7pm. Please join neighbors and friends in honoring this remarkable community effort and in making a collective commitment to our beloved neighborhood park and pool!

The Shipe Pool Party is a great event for everyone who cares about our sense of community in Austin and cherishes the resources we have in central-city neighborhoods like Hyde Park! It is a super gathering of friends and kids and families! As always there will be great summer food and treats. And like last year, we will have live music early followed by a movie in the park starting at 9pm. The pool will stay open late, and there is nothing more relaxing and refreshing than a dip in your neighborhood pool! So come enjoy a fantastic summer evening at Shipe Park!

See you at the pool!

– Adam Wilson, Friends of Shipe Park

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Shipe Pool Schedule – Summer 2013

Big Shipe Pool

June 11th – Aug 2nd

Mondays Closed :(

Tues – Fri:   7-10am Lap Swim

10am-8pm Recreational Swim

Weekends:  10am-Noon Lap Swim

Noon-8pm Recreational Swim

Aug 3rd – 23rd

Mondays Closed :(

Tues – Sun:   Noon-7pm Recreational Swim


Shipe Wading Pool

June 11th – Aug 11th

Mondays Closed :(

Tues – Sun:   Noon-6pm

Aug 12th – 23rd

Mondays Closed :(

Tues – Sun:   1-6pm

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Shipe Mosaic Mural Workdays – Feb 2nd and 3rd

Make your mark on the Shipe Park Mosaic Mural! The mural will be completed this spring, so this may be your last chance to add your fanciful flower or bird, or leaf to the canopy of dreams on the Shipe Pool pump house wall. Two chances coming up in early February 2013:

Saturday, Feb 2nd, 10am-1pm: Art on a Saturday at the Griffin School

Art on a Saturdays are innovative and engaging art workshops for 6-9th graders. These workshops are a chance for middle school students to explore advanced high school art workshops and to spend a Saturday morning (10am – 1pm) thinking and working creatively. Enroll at If you have questions, email [$10 fee for materials and snacks]

Sunday, Feb 3rd noon-3pm: Community Mosaic Workday

This workday event is open to the general public, individuals, whole families, and kids – all are welcome to create a small but magical element to add to this grand and permanent art installation! Griffin School Art House, 5000 Martin Ave in North Hyde Park. Please RSVP to


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